Business insights from event industry leaders.

Hiring for the wrong role
3 Minute Read

Building a Team: On Hiring For The Wrong Role

As a small event production or AV rental company, which roles should you hire for first?

Building a team
5 Minute Read

Building a Team: The Biggest Mistakes I Made

Be slow to hire and quick to fire. It's easy to say but what happens when you get it wrong?

Choosing Business Premises
5 Minute Read

Choosing Premises for Your Rental Business

What I learned negotiating deals on 3 properties, and the best advice I was ever given about choosing business premises.

Differentiating and Events Business
3 Minute Read

Opting Out of The Race to The Bottom: Differentiating Your Events Business

How do you stand out in a market that is becoming increasingly commoditised?

In this post we look at 5 different aproaches to give your businesss the edge over the competition.