Designed and built in the UK, Lumodo is the simple, user-friendly way for businesses to manage the complexity of team scheduling in the event industry.

Branded Recruitment Website

The easy way to grow your team.

Grow your team of staff and freelancers by making your application process simple. Candidates apply online through your branded application portal.

  • Customisable questions
  • Document and training certificate upload
  • Customisable job codes and skills allowing candidates to apply for multiple job types e.g. Production Manager, Sound Engineer, and First Aider

Team Scheduling Tools

Plan your team rota online in minutes.

Automate availability requests and shift allocations for staff and contractors.

Automatic notifications keep everyone up to date whilst compliance warnings alert you when you have scheduled someone for too many hours.

  • Know the status of every project at all times
  • Automate availability requests and bookings of staff and freelancers
  • Allow team members to let you know their availability for jobs through an online calendar before you request them
  • Mange time off for full time or long-term contract staff

Automated Compliance

Take the time-suck out of compliance paperwork.

Free your team to focus on important things like delivering great events by allowing Lumodo to handle key aspects of legal and safety compliance.

  • Prevent booking of team members for more than a predetermined number of hours per day / week / month
  • Automated emails remind team members to upload expiring documents and certificates
  • Quickly identify any team members with expired or missing documents or certificates

Customisable Reporting

Make better business decisions

Use data from Lumodo to help you make the best decisions for your business. We help you build custom reports to get the insights you need.

  • Would it be cheaper to hire another person and reduce reliance on freelancers?
  • How many hours did Jonathan work this month?
  • Which freelancers do we need to raise a PO for?

Why Lumodo?

With secure cloud infrastructure, you can scheulde your team from anywhere and new companies are typically up and running in less than an hour.


Avoid the cost and time investment of running your own servers. Access Lumodo from anywhere with an internet connection and never pay to access upgrades and new features.

Fast Implementation

An average company can be up and running with Lumodo in as little as an hour. Our team will support you through the whole process.


All personal data is encrypted and stored in the EU on leading cloud infrastructure provided by Amazon and Heroku.


Access Lumodo from any device, anywhere with an internet connection including laptops, tablets, and mobiles.


If you have an idea to improve Lumodo let us know and we will look at adding your ideas to our roadmap. We are continually developing the platform and want to make it work in the best way possible for you.


We can work with you and your other software suppliers to develop custom integrations with existing tools including rental management, HR and accounting systems.