Staff and freelancer scheduling on autopilot

Lumodo is smart scheduling software, designed for the events industry, that automates your staff and freelancer scheduling.

Grow Your Team

Getting the right people on the right projects is easier when you have a bigger pool to choose from.

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Schedule on Autopilot

Automate as much or as little of the team availability request and booking process as you decide.

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Automate Compliance

Ensure your team member's documents and training are always up to date with automated notifications and reminders.

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  • Branded Online Team Member Application Portal
  • Shared Project Portal
  • Automated Team Scheduling
  • Automated Document Expiry & Training Reminders

"This is something I've wanted for a long time and now I've finally found it. It's like having a secretary for crew booking."

Our customers

Lumodo has been designed to handle the unique challenges of the events industry.

So its not surprising that most of our customers are AV companies, crewing companies, security firms, event agencies, and venues.

Staff and freelancers love the easy communication, Project Managers save hours of time and stress, and business owners grow their companies faster.

Get Started Fast

Lumodo is cloud-based. This means you can be up and running within a few hours. There's no servers to look after and you can access your Lumodo system anywhere. Whether you're in the office or working on a project, all you need is internet.

Unlimited Support

We want things just the way you want them. That's why we offer unlimited support at no extra cost. This includes help setting up Lumodo to be just right for you and your team.

Influence The Future

We want Lumodo to work for you. Is there a feature you'd love to have? Let us know. If other users are also interested in the feature, we'll usually find a way to add it to the platform.

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